Saving Money on Your Upcoming Home Renovation

Saving Money on Your Upcoming Home Renovation 

For growing families, individuals with a passion for extra space and everyone in between, adding area to your home is one of the best ways to ensure that you have the room that you need. However, funding such an extensive project without taking out a loan often feels almost impossible; the good news is that with careful planning, you can build the addition that you want without with accruing a significant amount of debt. 

Is an Architect Necessary? 

Whether or not an architect will be required for a home addition typically depends on the complexity of the job; for instance, those who trying to integrate one room to flow into another may require an architect, while those who are simply planning to construct a room off the corner of their home may not need one. If you do choose to work with an architect, make sure to hire an individual who has the proper experience for the design that you have in mind; from word-of-mouth recommendations to using the web to search phrases like "architects that work on custom home additions San Diego" taking the time to carefully select the appropriate profession may save money. 

Choosing Between Contractors 

While hiring the contractor with the lowest rate without considering factors like reputation, experience or affiliation with professional organizations is a poor idea, those looking for ways to save a few dollars may benefit from working with someone who is trying to build his or her portfolio; after all, solid professional reputations have to start somewhere, and your home addition could be a major part of that for a newly vetted contractor. 

Purchasing Materials and DIY Options 

Allowing contractors to purchase the materials needed for your addition will lead to a mark-up that will be reflected in the amount that you pay for the project. To avoid this, consider purchasing the materials yourself at a bulk or wholesale store to save money. 

Although you probably do not possess the tools or skills to handle your entire addition yourself, negotiate with your contractor when it comes to sanding, painting and measuring. The contractor may be willing to lower the total price if you complete some of these time consuming chores. Regardless of how you save money on your new home addition, doing so will leave you with extra cash to later furnish the space.