Konnor's 10th Birthday

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{this blog post is long overdue}
How it could be that my first born has already turned 10 years old!?!? I can't believe it. They used to tell me to cherish the days because they grow fast. That was surely the truth!!! Konnor came into our lives unexpectedly sooner than we had thought. You could read about his BIRTHday post here.

In the past 10 years we have had so many journey's with Konnor and as a family. We've moved several times. Konnor has grown into such a typical BOY and has dipped his foot into hobbies and sports. He has found his passions and found his dislikes. 

The last year and into 2016 has been a challenge getting used to a new city, new school and new surrounding. With a few challenges in the new school year, being the "new kid", Konnor has found so many new friends, which he thought would be impossible. He has endured in basketball and is currently starting baseball. Both which was a new league and new team. 

For his 10th birthday party. He wanted (of course) a basketball party. We invited our closest family and friends as well as the basketball team and friends from school. It was a great turnout! The weather was perfect and the celebration lasted into the late evening!

Friends & Cousins

Friends from school and basketball team

Family & Friends

THE BOYS doing "the dab"

Konnor with two of his classmates

Custom water bottles for all the kids made my friend at RainbowUnicornGifts
Tags made by Mystery Box Studio
A posted I had printed for his birthday
He has always wanted his own Edible Arrangement
It's still hard to believe my baby boy is now 10 years old! No longer a "baby", he hates being called, "My baby boy" and he definitely acts older than a 10 year old. I hope he can always look back on his childhood and remember all the fun we had has a family and how so many people love him and have gathered to celebrate with him over the years.