Baskin Robbin's NEW warm cookie sandwiches

It seems these days the big craze with desserts are ice cream cookie sandwiches. Thankfully, everyone knows Baskin-Robbins who has now also come out with their own version! Two of America's favorite treats are being brought together for some oh-so-delicious goodness!
The new Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich and Sundae lineup includes:

·         Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich: Features a guest’s favorite ice cream flavor sandwiched between their choice of two warmed to order, chewy cookies, topped with rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles or chopped almonds. Guests can also “Make it a Double” with two scoops of ice cream and three cookies.
·         Warm Cookie Sundae: Features a guest’s favorite ice cream flavor served with their choice of two warm and chewy cookies, topped with their choice of wet topping, whipped cream, chopped nuts and a cherry. Guests can also “Make it a Double” with two scoops of ice cream and three cookies.
·         Baskin-Robbins is also delighting guests in the Las Vegas area with a special new dessert for a limited time. Guests can create a donut with the filling of their dreams by customizing their very own Donut Ice Cream Sandwich with their favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor at participating Baskin-Robbins shops in Las Vegas and Henderson. The new Donut Ice Cream Sandwich features a guest's favorite flavor topped with hot fudge and sandwiched between a soft and fluffy powdered sugar donut.

 “Warm, chewy cookies are one of my favorite treats, and the only way to make them even better is by sandwiching cool, rich ice cream between them,” said Jeff Miller, Executive Chef and Vice President of Product Innovation at Dunkin’ Brands. “Our new Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches and Sundaes are completely customizable with a guest’s favorite combination of warm cookies, ice cream flavors and toppings. That includes our new March Flavor of the Month, Cookie Jar Mashup, which combines three classic cookies into one delicious treat.”
My boys and I had chance to try the new piles of deliciousness! We all tried to get something different to try and taste. It was so hard to make a decision! While we finally made our warm cookie ice cream sandwich choices, we also opted for a warm cookie sundae. Since then we have visited Baskin-Robbins 3 times, bringing Daddy along for the treat! The boys were most excited about being able to pick their own cookie as well as their own ice cream flavor. Left: Warm cookie sundae Right: Mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate chip cookie warm ice cream sandwich. 

Double fudge cookie on top, Peanut butter cookie on bottom with M&M ice cream 

Donut with snickers ice cream
"Death by chocolate" 

One of our many trips for a warm cookie ice cream sandwich

The price for these treats are very affordable compared to other "ice cream cookie" shops. The best thing about it? You've gt 31 flavors to choose from! (smile) For more information about Baskin-Robbins’ wide variety of ice cream flavors and frozen desserts, visit: Facebook Twitter or Instagram.

Would you like to try the new warm cookie ice cream sandwiches or sundaes? Enter my giveaway for a $5 gift card to Baskin-Robbins. Comment below what flavor warm ice cream sandwich you would try. Contest ends April 1, 2016 (midnight pacific standard time)

Disclosure: I was contacted to try these new products in exchange for a review. All opinions are my honest opinions.