It's been a BUSY Summer already

I feel like it's been months since I had last posted on my blog. Since the Summer has started, the family and I have been going non-stop. There has been no relaxing days here. As soon as school got out for my boys, we headed straight to Rancho Mirage, CA for our staycation. Once we returned we had a few playdates set up with friends. Then my family came into town for a week and it was 4th of July. More playdates of fun, swimming, friends and good times filled up our week and here we are, the second week of July (already) and it hasn't slowed down. 
The good thing for Summer so far is that my boys have actually learned to sleep in! My oldest, who usually is the rooster of our family has been waking up at 930am-10am. My younger who is usually the one who I have to drag out of bed has been waking up anywhere between 8am and 830am. So that's great for me...I actually get to sleep in too! But once we're up...we have breakfast, chores and meetups or friends coming over. Of course we've had many trips to Seaworld San Diego already. We have yet to do the museums, Boomers for some miniature golf, more beach days and all the other fun in the sun things San Diego has to offer. 
I promise to get better this Summer with making posts and getting back to my social media family. 
Here are a few of our Summer photos from the past few weeks.
9/11 Memorial at the SD County Fair
Monster Trucks at the SD County Fair
Double Date out on the San Diego Bay with friends
Seaworld with the family
Splashtopia at Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa
These are just a few...needless to say we've been having fun!
Hope you're having a wonderful and safe Summer as well!