Monster Jam San Diego 2013

My boys are becoming real boys when they told me they wanted to go to Monster Jam this year. As soon as they started seeing commercials and posters around the city they kept reminding us. It would be our 1st Monster Jam experience. Luckily we had a group of friends that had enjoyed going too so we made a fun family day out of it. We tailgated and enjoyed time with friends. Unfortunately the "pit party" was sold out and we didn't get to enjoy that part of the experience, but the boys still had a blast!
Within the first few minutes of the show starting, I was screaming along with the crowd and loved seeing the boys get so excited to see a monster truck speeding over cars, smashing them and getting air off of a ramp. I admit...I was enjoying it! I was snapping pictures, taking video and cheering on the trucks. My boys didn't mind the loud noise of the roaring trucks, nor did they realize how extremely cold of a night it was for San Diego. 
Since coming home from Monster Jam, my boys have been a bit obsessed with all things Monster truck! They have used their birthday party money to buy whatever they could fine Monster Jam related. They have Hot Wheels galore and other trucks, even an arena for some action. We even drove to 5 different stores to find a particular truck! As we experience these little things in life...I realize how much more of a typical boy they are becoming. YIKES! What else is in store!??