Foodie Friday: Afritada, just like my Grandma's

I love cooking Filipino food and thankfully, so does my Hubsand. Many times when I cook, I tend to think of things my Grandma cooked for me as a kid (and even as I got older when I would visit).  This is a recipe called Beef Afritada (can also use pork).  I was taught to cook many things, but never really went off actual recipes. It was a bit tough for me to write out a recipe so I found this online which is similar to the way I was taught. So here is the dinner my family and I had the other night. Cooking this made me think of my Grandma knowing she was smiling down on me from Heaven....

Beef Afritada
Courtesy of Filipinos Abroad

What you'll need:
  • 1 lb beef (or pork) cut into chunks
  • 3 tbsp cooking oil
  • 5 cloves minced garlic
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 3/4 cup chopped tomatoes (optional)
  • 1/2 cup red and green bell peppers, cut into strips
  • 1 pc beef broth cube
  • 1 oz tomato sauce
  • 1 oz water
  • 1 cup chopped carrots
  • 1-1/2 cup chopped potatoes (I like to fry the potatoes just slightly browned on all sides)
  • 3 pcs bay leaves
  • Ground black pepper to taste
  • Fish sauce or soy sauce (optional)
  1. Cook the beef (or pork) chunks in water until it is tender.
  2. Set the beef chunks aside and dump the water.
  3. On the same saucepan, heat some cooking oil.
  4. Sauté the garlic, followed by the onion and tomatoes.
  5. Add the red and green bell peppers.
  6. Add the beef broth cube.
  7. Add the cooked beef chunks. Mix well.
  8. Put the tomato sauce followed by the water. Mix well.
  9. Add the carrots and potatoes, then the bay leaves.
  10. Season with fish sauce or soy sauce and ground black pepper. (optional)
  11. Simmer until the potatoes are tender.
  12. Serve with steamed rice.
This is perfect for that cold evening or anytime. It makes for great leftovers too! Great with white rice and even brown rice! ENJOY!