Basketball Birthday Jam

My boys are HUGE NBA Fans. I don't know how they started to have a love for Basketball or don't remember when they started getting interested. They both have played Little League Baseball for the past 3 years and just last Summer, I enrolled my little one in a Basketball League. They are so in awe over anything NBA, especially with the Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder and LA Clippers. (Both boys have 2 favorite teams) Although their birthdays are a month apart. We decided to have a double birthday celebration and they chose BASKETBALL. We did everything in theme with their favorite teams. I created two different invitations since (at the time) my little one wasn't in school yet and didn't have many friends outside of our circle of friends. I made a ticket invitation for my older son to invite his school friends.  And a joint invitation for our friends and family. Everyone loved the invitations. We asked everyone to come dressed in their favorite NBA team (or any sport jersey). We had a basketball pinata filled with a lot of candy. So much that the pinata ended up breaking cause it was too heavy. The goodie bags had plenty of candy, fun toys and of course basketball cards. We made special goodie bags for the few girls that attended the party. All in all the party turned out AMAZING. Everyone had so much fun and I was happy to hear that everyone enjoyed their time. We are blessed to have so many amazing friends and family who came to celebrate and continue to bless us with their love. 

Cakes were made by my friend's Mom & Aunt. They were amazing!
A friendly game of B-Ball
All the kids at the party