Coping with Death

Growing up I had unfortunately had to deal with many deaths in my family. I felt comfortable and didn't have too hard of a time dealing with it. Not until High School did I start losing friends in my life. Even now as an adult, I've lost way too many friends and family members too soon. My Auntie (my Mom's youngest sister) died at an early age of Breast Cancer. My Grandpa passed away after having open heart surgery. A good friend of mine died in high school of an unexplainable heart condition. Another good friend of mine passed away in a drowning accident, taken away by the current way too soon. I can go on and on about all those lost, and gone too soon. I loss both of my Grandma's unexpectedly in the same year. No matter how many loved ones I have loss...I will never understand why it has to be that way. 
About 6 months ago I lost a very special person, a friend since I was in Kindergarten. He was my first crush. A very special person even though we loss touch for a few years, we always connected via Facebook and when we talked we loved talking about our kids. He loved his kids very much and was such a proud Dad. I was happy for him and enjoyed listening to his stories. The last conversation we had was 6 months prior to his death. We had planned on getting together to have our families meet when our other friend Liz and her family came into town. Who would have known that the day would never come because he was in a car accident. It was a shock to hear of his accident, in fact, I didn't even believe it and had to look it up myself. During his memorial, his family had put together a slideshow of him growing up with pictures of himself with family and friends. I was honored to be able to share a few of my photos I had with him. I only wish I had my older photos of when we were young, in school together. It was disheartening to see his family after all these years, all because of the unexpected tragedy. 
When my Grandma passed away, I had to help my kids understand what happened. This was their first experience with losing someone close to them. They were still young and didn't show too much emotions. It was mostly confusion of why they can't see Great Mama anymore. The one thing I have taught my kids is not to be afraid of death or losing the ones we love. The best thing to do is to talk about it and have them learn to be open about it too. I feel that's how I was raised. 
Even months and years later, I think of those who I have loss. No matter how many days go by, it's still so fresh and emotional for me. Even the smallest memories brings me to tears. 
Will we ever understand why the people we love the most are taken from us?