What's in my purse {tag}

Thanks to Maribel from Stroller Adventures and her "What's in my purse" post I have decided to play along. At first I thought it might be embarassing, but I just remembered it was perfect timing! I just cleaned out and changed my purse yesterday! So here it goes! 
My Purse from Urban Expresions

 Ooh! Looks scary!

What's IN my purse
  1. My makeup bag from Beautyfix
  2. Extra batteries for my phone (yes I always carry around multiple ones cause the battery in the phone suck!)
  3. My all time favorite: Tree Hut Shea Body Butter 
  4. My cellphone (HTC Evo)
  5. My wallet (Kenneth Cole)
  6. My digital camera (Cannon Powershot)
  7. My Hello Kitty Checks
  8. My bling business card holder thanks to Yakani from Realty TV Fashion at Blogalicious
  9. The best way to touch up throughout the day: Dr. Feel Good by Benefit
  10. Pens (Don't know why I have so many)
  11. My keys
  12. CINCH Pomegranate energy tea mix
  13. Kleenex
What's IN My Makeup Bag
  1. L'Oreal Power Volume with Collagen Mascara
  2. FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose
  3. Nail Clippers
  4. Maybelline Baby Lips in Quenched
  5. Revlon Kissable Lip Balm in Crush
  6. MAC lip liner in Stripdown
  7. EOS balm in Summer Fruit
  8. Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection in 014
  9. Urban Decay All Nighter Spray
  10. Ralph by Ralph Lauren Perfume Roller Ball
  11. My favorite tweezers by Tweezerman
  12. Revlon Kissable Lip Balm in Honey
  13. Eyedrops
  14. Bandaids
  15. Sephora blotting sheets
  16. NYX Stay Matte not Flat powder foundation
  17. Maybelline Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner
Whew that wasn't so bad afterall! I tag YOU! If you join in the tag, please leave your blog post link in the comments below!


  1. People think I'm crazy because I carry around my phone charger that plugs into the wall as well as my portable phone charger. You have to stay prepared lol

    Loving the business card holders =)

    Miss Daja
    No Boiz Allowed

  2. I know right? My Husband thinks I'm crazy for having so many extra batteries. But with social media..I have to admit my phone dies quick when I'm using the apps all the time. I sometimes keep my charger with me too. Must always be charged to stay "connected". Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh my gosh your bag looks a LOT like mine! lol I don't think I could ever detail what is in my bag, sometimes I don't even want to know! LOL

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