My curly girl hair update

It's been a challenging and long process to get my hair "tamed" and controlled. I have battled with curly, frizzy, coarse, unruly hair for as long as I can remember. It's hard to believe I was born with NO HAIR and later had flat, stick straight hair until I was 8years old. I guess once I hit puberty my hair completely changed. 
Since going "natural" with my hair and watching the products I use in my hair I have learned my hair and what it needs, wants and likes. The Curly Girl Method has taught me how to take care of my curly hair. I admit I used to use whatever smelled nice and whatever said "for curly" hair on the front. Don't believe everything you read. The biggest problem I had was dry, frizzy hair. In the past 9 months I've learned that my hair needs a lot of TLC. It will never be the hair that I want and could get up and go with. It needs, conditioning, leave in conditioner, detangler and gels or creams to keep the curls from frizzing. I have changed my hair routine since my last posting. Read about my previous post about my unruly hair. 

My new favorite products:

-Kinky Curly Knot Today
-Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie
-Aussie 3 minute miracle deep conditioner
-Aussie Moist conditioner
The biggest change I've had to get used to doing is not using shampoo. I use conditioner and I only use products without the "cones" (silicone, dimethicone) or words ending in -xane, or -conol. Basically, a sulfate free shampoo. I still have a bit of a problem with second day hair. I'm not sure if it's because it's so thick or just too dry. 
I have since had to not flat iron or straighten my hair (as much) as I used to. Because I did add highlights in my hair I had to promise myself to take better care of my hair too. I have never had highlights in my hair until early this year. I am not sure if I want to keep highlighting my hair since that too is damaging. I have yet to get it touch up. So as of now I might just let it all grow out for the sake of my "natural" hair care. 
My hair 
So this is my most updated routine and hair care. I have used the products listed about throughout the Summer. My curls are more defined, although I do have some frizzy spots underneath still. I'm still working on those. I do not believe the products listed are my holy grail, but they have helped my hair with strengthening and styling since going the Curly Girl Method. And if you're a curly girl and have not yet read The Curly Girl book, you need to! You can also find many websites, blogs, YouTube videos and forums that can help you get started to taking care of your natural curls and embracing them!!! Some of my favorite sites are:


  1. I love your curly hair!! Have you tried any of the DivaCurl products??? I hear they are great for curly hair..Im thinking of purchasing some of their products for my kids hair...both are curly headed children =) And It's a 10 is sulfate free =) Hope all is well =)

  2. Yes, I've tried Devacurl products. They didn't quite work on me as well as I had hoped. I do use the products that don't work well on my hair, on my boy's hair! You know, you've seen their pictures of their curly hair. Except product in a kids hair don't always last. LOL

  3. It sounds and looks like we have the same type of curly hair. I have battled with mine since my teen years and now 2 of my daughters have the same curly dry hair. I only shampoo right now every 2 days to hold in moisture. I noticed you said you aren't shampooing anymore. Does that get greasy/oily? I'm going to try some of the products you mentioned and see if they work for me!

    1. Heidi,
      I don't think I've ever seen a picture of YOU. It is still a work in progress for me. If you have a chance, check out the book "Curly girl handbook" by Lorraine Massey. It has helped me get started, understanding how to treat and care for curly hair. I only shampoo once, maybe twice a week depending on my activity. When I do use shampoo it's a sulfate, paraben free and no silicones or "cones" clarifying shampoo. My hair doesn't get greasy or oily like you'd think. Would love to hear more about your hair types as well as your kids. My boys (I'm sure you've seen their pics) have curly hair too and I'm really trying to take care of their curls. My Mom didn't know what to do with my curly hair when I was younger so now I'm paying for it!

  4. Pretty hair! Looks great to me! It is all a learning process. You help others with your wisdom! Glad you have finally nailed down some faves. Beautiful journey nonetheless. :)


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