Week 1 Update #Cinchspiration

This week was not difficult at all with getting into the groove with the Cinch Program. I've adjusted to the shakes fairly quickly since I used to drink them before. I still love to have them blended with ice, water and some fruits and veggies.

No big changes this week. I've actually gained a pound and lost an inch in my thighs. I try to keep the faith and I know muscle weighs more than fat but I've gotta keep at it. I need to get more powerful workouts in, but right now with the weakness and issues of my shoulder/neck it's tough. I'm still going through physical therapy so hopefully I can get back on track soon. I miss doing kettlebell workouts and that is the #1 no-no with my physical therapist right now.

My biggest challenge: Being on the go. I love the shakes and always need mine blended and very cold. When I'm on the go and can't have the shakes, I have to have the meal bar but sometimes I need the variety. But when I'm out all day long, it's tough. 

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  2. Hang in there! I bet its definitely the muscle vs. fat weight difference. You might start off slower but you will make up for it in the end! I'm rooting for you fellow #Cinchspiration team meber! ~Jen :)


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