CINCHing my way down #Cinchspiration

Today I begin.....

 Today marks the day that I start the CINCH program. I have hesitated to take pictures of myself having to see the truth. After having two big babies, I have never been able to lose the pounds. What sucks even more is that I didn't gain much weight between the two. But somehow the pounds stayed on. Since December of 2011, I had slowly started to change my eating habits, stick to a workout routine and make lifetime changes. I dropped some pounds and was able to maintain the weight. Unfortunately I didn't drop the 24 lbs I had longed for. 

Here are my stats:
Weight: 153
Waist: 35
Hips: 40
Thighs: 24
Arms: 11
Chest: 33.5
Neck: 14
BMI: 27

I am not at all happy with my body. (You can see I was not happy to take the photo.) I have always been a skinny, underweight girl growing up and didn't develop weight issues or felt uncomfortable with my body until I became a Mom. I have always had curves although now they seem to be spiraling out of control going to places I don't want them to be. Looking at these photos really make me cringe and are horribly scary and unflattering. But I'm ready to make a change and make it count!!! I don't think I've ever taken a photo of myself like this or even worn a 2piece bikini in public. (Not to mention the stretch marks I've developed with the birth of my two boys.

In the past I've been having a green smoothie, green monster, juicing or whatever you want to call it every morning. My workout routine consists of walking, jogging, kettlebell workouts as well as my favorite 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. Unfortunately, last month I started to have serious neck and shoulder issues as well as an inflammed lumbar. I had to cut back on the series of workouts and exercise I was doing. I'm currently going to Physical Therapy which discovered my neck and shoulder issue may be caused by weakness and tear in my rotator cuff. No bueno!!!  Moving on...I've been blessed and honored to be a part of the 50 Mom bloggers chosen by Shaklee. 
Join me, root me on and encourage me by giving me the strength to continue this journey. 
Are you on board or participating in the #Cinchspiration challenge too? Link with me here. I'd love to follow along and cheer you on as well.

Disclaimer: I was chosen to participate in the CINCH program as a part of Shaklee Corporation's Team Cinchspiration. #Cinchspiration I have been provided the products for free along with support and incentives for my honest opinions. All opinions are 100% mine. 


  1. Way to go Melanie! I know you were cringing while posting this, but this is temporary. I am sorry you had to cut back on exercise and go to physical therapy, I hope your shoulder and neck get better with the new eating habits. :)

  2. You can do this! You're so pretty, Melanie! Can't wait to watch your toning up transformation.

  3. So excited we are getting to go on this journey together.

  4. @Maribel Yes..I was cringing. I'm hoping therapy helps me out soon and I won't have to have surgery. My Dad had surgery 2 years ago on his rotator cuff and he says it was the worse recovery time.
    @Slap Dash Mom Aww thank you so much. Stay tuned and root me on. =) I'll need the support.
    @Karen Yes, me too! So many great women that have already been an inspiration and encouraging.

  5. You can do it Melanie! I've been trying to lose more weight as well. I've kept about 20 pounds off what I was this past winter but I know the struggle all too well and I still have more weight to lose. Rooting you on and wishing you much success!

  6. Thanks so much Heidi! I've been able to keep 12lbs off thanks to Cinch and Fit Moms for Life that you recommended to me!

  7. First of all..I LOVE that we share a name! Even though it's kind of common, its not :)

    Can't wait to join the journey with you!

  8. It is very hard to post photos but great job! You can do this!


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