Crock Pot Recipe: Korean beef tacos

Thanks to the love of Pinterest, I get so much inspiration and ideas to make different meals more regularly. One that caught my eye were these Korean Beef Tacos. Not only were they Korean Beef Tacos...but they were a Crock Pot Recipe! I {LOVE} Korean flavored beef. My eye light up when I see new crock pot recipes because crock pot means less work for ME! And with the boys in Little League season right now, it totally helps out on days when we're running around to practice and games.
This inspiration came from this Crockpot Korean Beef Tacos with Cucumber Slaw. This Foodie Bride has so many more wonderful recipes on her site. I drooled the entire time I was reading her site. I made my own little twist to the Korean Beef Tacos. For topping I added: Cilantro, bean sprouts and Carrots. I also used a low carb tortilla.
I made the cucumber slaw with Japanese Cucumbers, rice vinegar, red pepper flakes and onions. You may not be able to see the red pepper flakes because I didn't add a whole lot since I do not like things too spicy. Also the original recipe calls for red onions, but I didn't have any so I used white onions.

The results were AMAZING! Hubby and I enjoyed our quick and easy little dinner. Even my kids ate and enjoyed the tacos!
Are you on Pinterest? Have you found any neat recipes or projects? Have you tried any? If so, add the link in my comment. I'd love to see! And if you aren't already following me, please do so here.