Happy 6th Birthday to my Lil' Man!

Almost every year I reminisce about my kid's births and their days growing up. Today is no different. Today is my oldest son, Konnor's 6th birthday!!! 6th!? Where has time gone? He is quickly growing up into an independent little guy. 
Here is my 6 year old on his weekend birthday celebration. We celebrated with our closest friends and his cousins. These kids are our friend's kids which I've seen grow up and Konnor has grown up with as well. They are all very close and I think it's awesome seeing them be such great friends.

Without carrying this blog post on too long with me reminiscing and pouring my heart out into tears, I will end this by saying, I love my baby boy. My first born, my smart and witty son. The one who has always been eager to learn and independent. The one who is funny, talented, a stellar student, strong willed, soft hearted, friendly and most of all the who changed my life. I will do anything and everything for my son and support him throughout his life choices.
Happy, Happy Birthday Konnor!!
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and only wish for the best for you. Keep it up and you will do wonderful in the future.

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