Losing inches with CINCH #Cinchspiration

This opportunity didn't come at a much perfect time! The new year, the new me. I had already wanted to start a program. I've been wanting to lose weight and shed some pounds for a long while now. Not just as a New Year resolution, but as a healthy lifestyle change for myself. It's hard for me to stay active at the gym as our gym has no daycare, so I'm in search of a new one. Being the busy Mom, I try to get in a few walks in when I can. My physical activity at home is using the Wii Fit, Just Dance or Jillian Michael's Wii game. It does help that we have three flights of stairs in our home. 
I received my Cinch 30 day Starter kit on January 11, 2012. I was just researching the program when the package came to my door. I was excited to start and start cinching my way to a better me. I immediately opened it up and started reading all the information provided.

Inside this starter kit you have everything to get you started on the program. 
So what is the secret behind the Shaklee Cinch program compared to other programs? 
Shaklee scientists have relied on their long history of working with athletes to gain a   scientific insight as to what works for safe and effective weight loss. Instead of creating  programs, the Cinch Inch Loss Plan works by helping to preserve lean body mass and promoting weight loss from fat.* Preserving lean body mass also prevents your metabolic rate, or ability to burn calories, from dropping. The Cinch Inch Loss Plan provides products powered by the essential amino acid leucine. Recent scientific research indicates that leucine may play a special role in weight loss because it acts as a signal for protein synthesis in muscle tissue. As a result, leucine helps your body preserve muscle mass while you lose weight from fat. The Cinch program has undergone preliminary clinical testing that indicated positive results for weight loss, fat loss, inch loss, and preservation of fat-free mass.

The next morning I immediately had my favorite chocolate banana shake. The taste was tolerable, not chalky or powdery. Compared to Slim Fast 1.2.3 shakes, which did not taste like a "powdered shake", the Cinch shakes were bland, but by adding half a banana it helped. 
It has now been 2 weeks and I feel great with the program. I was afraid I'd have my melt downs of being hungry, but the 3 in 1 booster pills really help. For my first day...I did fine. Didn't have any urges or cravings and was able to stick to the program.

My goal is to lose 24lbs by July (my birthday). No particular reason, just a realistic goal for me. I will of course be including exercise as well as strength training as I proceed with this program. 
Check back with me to read more about my CINCH experience.....

I received the Shaklee Cinch Starter Kit to try and review. All opinions are 100% mine.