Last blog post of 2011

It's been one heck of a year. The year has come and gone faster than I can even grasp it. I've gone through many challenges, triumphs and great excitement through the year. As a family we have encountered many milestones and goals and even some saddened heartbreak with the loss of some family members. We have made many memories as a family and intend do make many more. 
Like every year, we want to make changes for the new year, do things differently, better and have our resolutions. And like many, those resolutions don't always make it through the year. 
In the blog world, I have had an amazing time building friendships with many other fantastic bloggers, Moms and readers. I have learned so much and have so much more to learn. My blog has become a big part of my life and has encouraged me to dip my feet into many parts of the social media world. 
I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and challenges themselves to do all they can. In the new year I am eager to see myself grow as a person, my relationship with my Husband evolve into another chapter in our lives. I look forward to our 7 year anniversary and to build our family bond. My kids are forever growing and taking their own challenges. I will soon have a Kindergarten graduate and a smarty pants moving onto 1st grade.
As a Mom I am challenging myself to take on more activities and understand and help my kids as they take on the world. By being a support Wife, Mother and Friend to all those around I wish you all the very best.

Some family tidbits from 2011:
  • We welcomed my first niece of the family Marielle in May
  • We also welcomed my GODDaughter Madisyn 
  • As a family we had an amazing time in Palm Springs for our beginning of Summer vacation
  • We celebrated our Christmas on a Carnival Cruise in December. Our first cruise as a family. Konnor and Kameron's very first time cruising
  • I received my confirmation at Guardian Angels Church on Easter 
  • Konnor entered into EAK at the beginning of the year and started Kindergarten in June
  • Both Kameron and Konnor excelled at Tball and is playing again this season
  • Konnor had an amazing year in music lessons with his concerts. The Fall Concert was the most recent in which he played in 3 songs. (Guitar and drums)
  • Kameron had learned to swim without floats this Summer
  • Hubby is on his way to earning his eMBA and will graduate in May 2012
Those were just a few things that came to mind. As a family we have made so many memories (I can't print the photos quick enough). 

Wishing you a very Happy New Year in 2012!!!
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