Our Halloween 2011

It's finally over. I don't have to hear my kids change their minds about what they want to be for Halloween. I don't have to walk through the aisles of stores seeing bags and bags of candy, tempting my sweet tooth. Now it's on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even though that's not much easier, I'm glad Halloween is over with. It was a tough road to the day being that we've been so busy. On top of it being on a Monday night made it rough for us.

Konnor was excited to dress in costume at school. He had a fun day of arts and crafts, a Halloween Party and movies. We lagged this year decorating our pumpkins for the house. I'm usually more excited to paint pumpkins, but the kids wanted to actually carve them. Of course they wanted something fun, not just a simple jack-o-lantern. They wanted Angry Bird pumpkins! I too wanted a Hello Kitty pumpkin which was fairly simple but after carving just one pumpkin all the work I had to put into it made me exhausted. It also made my tendonitis kick in. After one pumpkin I was over it! The kids didn't care to clean out the pumpkin or learn to carve, so really it was all ME. So I decided they kids weren't into carving. So back to painting pumpkins next year!
Here are a few photos from our Halloween.
Trick or Treating with friends 

Konnor's first carved pumpkin

Mommy even carved a Hello Kitty 
Kameron cleaning out the pumpkin

Hope you all had a very Happy (and safe) Halloween!