Winner! Winner! Winner!

I haven't been as active on my blog and twitter lately but I have been lucky enough to win a few things this week on several Twitter Parties and just for being a fan. How cool is that?

This week I have won:
-$50 Amazon gift card and a I love Avocados grocery bag from the Avocadoes twitter party via MomCentral
-Headgear of choice from Zanheadgear on Facebook (I chose a cool studded hat)
-$25 gift certificate from Social Moms for Kudzoom 
-$25 Target gift card from Social Moms and the #C2Play2Day Twitter Party
-Play-doh Twirl and Top Pizza set for participating in the Social Moms review of the Play-Doh Activity Site.
By the way, I love Social Moms!!!

It's been so much fun. I plan to continue to participate in all I can and hope to continue being a lucky winner! YAY ME! =)

I feel so blessed! if I can just win that tablet I've been desperately trying to win!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I love Social Moms too! Congrats on your winnings. Looks like you made out big time!


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