Sigma's Synthetic Precision Kit Review

If you read my blog, you know how much I love Sigma products. Back in January I purchased the Sigmax Brushes from Sigma. I heard so much good stuff about these brushes I just had to have my own set. I've enjoyed using them and have always wondered if they'd come out with smaller ones. At one point I think Simone had mentioned they were coming up with smaller brushes that mimicked the Sigmax brushes. 
YAY..they have arrived! Sigma came out with the Synthetic Precision Kit. I have yet fallen in love again! I order these and they were shipped right away. When I received them I immediately cleaned them, used my Dry N Shape and used them to apply makeup. Of course, I was NOT disappointed at all. Sigma ROCKS!
When the Precision kit came out I knew that I'd love them too. It was exactly what I needed to apply my concealer. The synthetic brushes apply concealer as well as foundation to smaller, hard to reach areas very easily and flawlessly! As soon as I received my order I played with them and applied makeup. The P80 (flat) works well to blend my concealer in the trouble areas I'm trying to cover. The P82 and the P86 brushes are also fun and very useful. The P82 works great for my eye primer or base. The F86 was not available when I received my Sigmax set, but the P86 is a tapered brush that works great for applying my under eye concealer, which is exactly what I was looking for!! Using the P80 worked so easily. Previously I was using my fingers and the E40 brush to apply, cover and buff out my blemishes. I LOVE SIGMA!
Sigma never seems to amaze me with their packaging. I love the box the Precision Kit comes in. The instructional pamphlet always helps when learning and caring for your new brushes.

If you love any of the Sigmax Synthetic Kabuki brushes, you will love the Precision Kit brushes too!

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