Blink 182 Concert in San Diego

So it was another night of fun at the Blink 182 & My Chemical Romance Concert here in San Diego. My Husband and I don't get to go out a lot without the kids, but when we do we like to enjoy the things we used to do before kids. We partied like rockstars backstage with family and friends. As we walked through the backstage area, we ran into Tom DeLonge of Blink 182. I felt starstruck and didn't want to bother him or bust out my camera to take  a photo since it looked like he was just having "a moment" for himself. I had the honor of meeting Tom DeLonge's Mom amongst a few other Blink 182 family and friends. The benefits of being wine, beer and snacks! Unfortunately we didn't get a picture with the band as they were doing interviews and meetings before their time on stage.  I experienced my first time "in the pit" surrounded by fans and moshers! I of course was too scared to join the mosh pit, but I got some awesome video. I was able to enjoy the concert from right below the stage. Unfortunately we didn't get to see My Chemical Romance perform since we were hanging out backstage. 

My favorite of the night, Travis Barker's drum solo high above the crowd! See the video below. I've always admired Travis Barker of Blink 182 for his amazing drum skills. I grew up listening to BLINK and love that they started right here in San Diego!

Cruising backstage

Check out some of the video footage. Excuse the sound quality. We were so close, the bass was ridiculous!

Travis Barker's Drum Solo high above the crowd.

Til next time....