Wordless Wednesday with Linky 9/14

September 2008

...3 years later

My favorite 3 guys in my life!


  1. I just noticed the linky - PERFECT, I'm trying to join atleast one Bhop per day this week :D... BRB

  2. time goes way too fast!!! such a cute shot!

    Thanks for linking up to my Wordless Wednesday Linky!


  3. @Mercy Good job. Glad to see you're on your way with grasping and going for it!
    @Bernadette Thanks. Yes, it does go by so fast. Now that I'm done having kids, I totally reminisce about the earlier days with my kids. I know they always say take it all in and enjoy every moment, but no matter how hard we try, time flies. Heck, my youngest wasn't even talking in that picture yet!
    @Sarah Thank you.
    Thanks for stopping by, reading and linking up!


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