What's your flavor?

We all know how important it is to drink water. I sometimes find it hard to just drink plain ol' water everyday. It's somewhat of a challenge for me. From time to time I switch it up by adding lemon just to give me a different taste. Today there's a new liquid water enhancer to help people like me with a little flavor. With MiO's six different flavors to choose from, drinking the daily amount of water would not be a challenge. MiO is caffeine free, sugar free, has zero calories and has no artificial flavors. MiO's flavors are: Berry pomegranate, fruit punch, mango peach, peach tea, sweet tea and strawberry watermelon. Yum! All sound flavorful!

BzzAgent is running a campaign for MiO and I want to be a part of it!! I want to be able to try it and share it with my friends and family. My Mom and my Sister in Law are both diabetics and I think MiO would be great for them. My Mom is stubborn and doesn't like drinking water, always needs juice even though she shouldn't drink it. I think MiO would be perfect for her. 

If you're one of those who find it challenging to get your daily water intake because of flavorless, you should to try MiO. What flavor would you choose?

Help me spread the word about BzzAgent and MiO!