Too short, too long, just right?

It's like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It's evident...I am SHORT. I'm 5'2..short! My Husband on the other hand is TALL! 6'4. Shopping for him is just as miserable as shopping for myself. Even he gets frustrated when it comes to shopping at the local mall or retail shops. My Husband makes fun of me for being short as I get frustrated while I'm shopping and can't find the perfect fit. 

This is probably why my Husband hates shopping. He rarely comes to the mall with me. If he needs a new outfit for an event he dreads and hesitates shopping. Even undershirts are hectic to find for him. Undershirts? I know, surprised me too! As typical as it is for a man to dread shopping, I know the feeling he has shopping for clothes. Whether it's him shopping for himself, or me trying to shop for him it's tough. It's either too short or too long. Where is "just right"? I'm tired of shopping for my Hubby and later having to return it because it's too baggy or too long.

Big and Tall clothing stores are a lot more common for men than for women. Just as there aren't many small, short clothing stores for men (or women). I'm short, but not thin enough to fit in petite clothing. So I say tall men are more lucky for having specialty stores available for tall mens clothing. Sometimes the big and tall section of some retail stores aren't enough, for my Husband at least. 

Kingsize Big and Tall clothing are experts in tall mens clothing. They have a wide variety of stylish and fashionable clothes. Kingsize has everything from denim, outerwear, dress and business wear, sleepwear and more. Specializing in men 6'2 inches or taller or 225 pounds, Kingsize is perfect for you. This specialty online store offers catalog shopping as well. They also offer 100% guarantee with customer service available 24 hours a day. Who can beat that? The great thing about Kingsize is it has affordable pricing for specialty clothing. That's not so common with women clothing, so it's comforting to know we won't have to break the bank just to find clothes that fit my Husband comfortably. Since finding Kingsize, my Husband and I can have easier, less stressful shopping experiences. 

Do you have a man in your life that would fits the "Kingsize" profile? Check out Kingsize tall mens clothing.