Happy First Day of Fall...

...Time to take care of your skin!

I can't believe how fast the year has gone by. Summer has now come to an end, a bittersweet feeling for us here in San Diego. For me, I love Summers, wearing shorts, maxi dresses, summer dresses, flip flops and soaking up the sun. Now that it's Fall and Winter will quickly come it's time to take out the sweaters, boots, scarves, jackets, gloves and closed toed shoes. Fortunately we are lucky enough to get some Summer like weather still from time to time. So don't just put away those Summer clothes yet. 

The changes from Summer to Fall definitely start changing and can take a toll on your skin. For me, my face goes from oily to combination skin. By the time Winter comes I have a tougher time battling certain areas. Thank goodness Sigma has created a tool to help keep your skin cleansed and polished without frequent trips to the Spa or Salon. The Cleansing and Polishing tool is a tool to help your skin look bright, diminish pores and exfoliate. Not only is this tool a work of art, an answer to my prayers (and many of yours) but it is very affordable! For $39 it comes with three heads to fit your skin type. 

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