For the love of gadgets: Kindle

The Kindle has been around for awhile. Oh how I love all things techie, new gadgets and portable! I currently read Kindle books via my laptop or pc and even on my Android. But I would of course LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have a Kindle to pack in purse everyday or to sit poolside while reading my favorite novel or story. Aren't familiar with a Kindle? Take a look! It's a lightweight, portable book like gadget that has a wi-fi connection to an entire library! Neat right? 

I'm so excited for this possibly opportunity! There's a campaign via #BzzAgent that I want to be a part of. I love reading and was a real bookworm when I was younger. I joined book clubs for the Summer instead of enjoying my Summer playing and having fun. Since having kids I try to take time out to sit down and read full books, but it's sometimes tough. I recently made a pact to myself to start enjoying books more and I purchased my first online book: Happy Chaos and have been reading it via my Android and my laptop.

The Kindle would also be a great way for my son to enjoy reading too. He currently packs 2-3 books with him when we take trips and travel. I would love to have some of his books on the Kindle for his enjoyment. He is currently a Kindergartner but is advanced in reading. He just started Kindergarten yesterday but has been reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid series for a year now. I know he would love this and get much use out of it. 

First and foremost it would be MINE! I enjoy reading self help books and anything that will help better myself. My Husband would love to see me reading, instead of online shopping, playing Words with Friends or Wordfeud, endless hours on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube all night long. Please cross your fingers that I am chosen for this Kindle Campaign!



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