Family Storehouse - 72-hour Emergency Survival Kit

After the big power outage in San Diego a few weeks ago it sparked a light in our heads about being prepared for emergencies. It was a first time for my kids to experience such an intense, long lasting power outage. It was a first time for me, being that my Husband was out of state at the time for business. I knew we had flashlights, but nonetheless, were we really prepared to be out of power for unknown hours? Thankfully just last month, my BFF's Husband gave us an emergency box with a tarp, tons of batteries, water, flashlights, a lantern and first aid kit. An emergency survival kit would have been ideal to have in the power outage situation...especially that I hadn't gone to the grocery yet. 

Don't wait until it's too late!
In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, a 72-hour kit is essential. It will allow you to survive during troubled times without having to rely on stores being open, water and shelter being available, or other necessities being provided by third-parties. You can be self-sufficient while the situation stabilizes. Grab today's deal before you need it later!

72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit - $46.00 +free shipping (retail price $72.00)

The 72 hour emergency meal kit is a perfect addition to any survival kit. It comes in a small, easy to store1 gallon container and the best part, is that it tastes great and can last up to 25 years! As with all of our food storage products, it is 100% vegetarian and contains no harmful preservatives.
This product is specifically designed to be small and compact so that in the event of an emergency, you can grab it and go. It only weighs 3 pounds, and comes with a handle, so it is easy to carry.
The contents include the following:
5-Servings: Creamy Vegetable Rice
5-Servings: Vegetable Barley Soup
5-Servings: Brown Sugar Oatmeal
5-Servings: Creamy Potato
5-Servings: Whey Milk
8-Servings: Instant Rice
That's a total of 33 Servings!
Not only does this food storage taste great it lasts up to 25 years!
Comes in a 1 gallon sealed plastic container
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