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I have been using Upromise for over 9 years now. When my first nephew was born, my Sister in Law had opened an account for my nephew and had me help contribute  a percentage of my credit card and online shopping to his college fun via Upromise. Years later I had my baby and started distributing the funds amongst my nephew and my own son. 
In celebration of Upromise's 10th Anniversary, Upromise is giving away $1,000 in a  weekly drawing and the entry with the most votes wins a grand prize of $10,000. Share your DREAM for your child here: www.upromisetodream.com

Having my two boys of my own, I have joined in and submitted my DREAM for the two most important kids in my life. Vote for me and help spread the word on this fantastic contest to help DREAMS come true. You can post your DREAM too. Be sure to submit your dream and get your votes by September 29th.

Read my dream for Konnor and Kameron:

San Diego, CA
August 11, 2011
Like all Moms, I want to keep my kids safe, healthy and guide them to a good life. I want them to dream big and have goals and know they can do anything they put their mind to. My Husband and I have taken to showing them and teaching them about the under privileged kids, the not so fortunate. We teach them to strive for what they want and guide them to strive for what they believe in. At 5 & 3 years of age, they both have different likes and interests. One is an "aspiring" Rockstar and has been taking lessons for a year now, learning piano, drums and guitar as well as playing Little League tball. He is a true artist. Both musically and artistically. My little one will be more the athlete.

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