52 Week Me Challenge: Week 14

Wow! Where have I been? I think I may have skipped a week or two. Life has been hectic since my oldest has started Kindergarten. Needless to say, life has been a challenge with getting back into our routines. So of course there wasn't much ME time in my week.

This past week Hubby had a whole week vacation. He works so hard, especially during the Summers. Now that Summer is over, he had a chance to take a whole week off. Unfortunately we couldn't go on vacation since Konnor was in school. We still enjoyed having him at home. We visited local museums, went to a San Diego Padres Game, went bowling with the kids. It even got a bit competitive as I've been bowling since I was 7yrs old and love it. We also spent time at the beach and parks. I attended a baby shower and the family and I had a few birthday parties to attend. We made the best of it. Besides, we live in beautiful San Diego where there is so much to do!

Aside from school, the boys are still into their extra curricular activities. That means Moms Taxi for me. The boys have started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Stronghold Gym. We have been on a trial with them because I want to make sure they really want to pursue this activity.  The owners of Stronghold are great and their instructor is very good with kids. He's friendly and precise which helps my kids understand and feel comfortable. 

Konnor is still doing his music lessons weekly. The Fall Concert is coming up in November so he has been practicing several songs for the upcoming concert. He is going to be doing Rolling in the Deep by Adelle and Good Life by One Republic. There's another one he's playing, but I can't remember the name. It's from one of those Disney Channel stars. He is excited. The concert is going to be at a new venue this year so that's exciting too.

Back to ME! The most ME time I've been getting for myself is dedicating my time to blog. Taking a break from the daily household chores I have been sitting reading on my Kindle for Android, blogging and also playing Wordfeud and Words with Friends. It's not much but its my little time to relax. Relax? Is that a word in the Mommyhood vocabulary? Haven't done much shopping for myself this week. Follow me on FB or Twitter and you'll see daily posts from me with daily highlights.

Hopefully next week is more eventful for me as we start settling in more on our new routines. Happy 1st Day of Fall too! Time to bundle up! =)