52 Week Me Challenge: Week 12

Although I had to skip a few weeks in this challenge, I'm back. Fridays are usually family time with the Hubby for his once a week day off. So it's typically difficult to blog. This week he was on a business trip and I had a lot of time to do things, especially blog. 

This week was a scorching HOT one here in San Diego. The weather was unbearable at certain times of the day. It was a big week for my oldest, Konnor. He officially started Kindergarten. He had been very excited throughout the Summer to begin school. It was a new school for him, he was excited to make new friends and see some of his old friends that were also going to the school. The first day of school was rainy due to the thunderstorm weather we had. Hot, muggy and rainy. So of course it was a bit hectic for families, students as well as the teachers. All in all, he had a great first day of school. 

With the Hubby being gone, the weather being extremely hot and humid we stayed at home, indoors as much as possible. I blogged and read blogs, which for me is the perfect ME time. My little one missed his big brother so they enjoyed playing with eachother and making things easier for me. Surprisingly they have been well behaved since Daddy had been gone. We spent time with friends and had a few nights of lunch and dinner out as a treat for the three of us.

I also took the kids to their first look at Brazilian Ju Jitsu at a place called Stronghold. It was exciting to see how they would take to it. When getting into any martial arts, it's a bit hard to find the right place. I was referred to Stronghold by a friend who takes their little son there. So it was comforting. I also found out the owners are good friends of my friends, so with mutual friends that was easy and comforting too. 

So though I didn't have a lot of ME time this week, it's ok. I had to be Mommy 24/7. That's pretty much MY LIFE.

Lastnight's city wide power outage in San Diego was a first. It was my kid's first time experiencing a power outage. Of course 9+ hours of no power was getting to be a bit much for all of us. Even I started to realize how much we take advantage and rely on electricity. No cellphone (my batteries died after 3 hours), no tv or video games for the kids and no lights meant early bedtime. I wasn't too worried. I acted quick and gathered our flood lights, flash lights, emergency kit and ipod. I was able to gather some foods out of the fridge and put some basics into an ice chest with ice. Unfortunately my ice maker didn't have a whole lot of ice. After managing to get everything needed for once the sun went down, we headed to the pool for a swim. The neighbors came together out to the pool area to just hangout. Thankfully the weather cooled down and it was bearable. My kids and I stayed together in the living room, I sang to them as we listened to the ipod. We also switched back and forth listening to the news. Luckily the ipod battery lasted. Lights came back on around 12:45am. I was awaken by the fan in the bathroom coming on. I immediately put everything back into the fridge and did a quick check through the house. I was then finally able to sleep..comfortably! School was cancelled throughout the county and everything is slowly getting back to normal.

Tonight however my boys and I are going on a date! We're going to the Selena Gomez concert! My boys love her, they think she's "hot". They are also hoping their favorite guy Justin Bieber will be there too. It's going to be a fun night, although I will probably be at a loss of hearing for awhile after hearing tons of tweens screaming all night long. It'll be just like when I took my son to the Jonas Brothers concert.