30 Day Blog Challenge - Day8: A Moment you felt the most satisfied with your life

Day8: A Moment you felt the most satisfied with your life

I've had several satisfying moments in my life. The typical marriage, having my first son, then my second son's birth too. These days life goes by so fast. My baby boy is already in Kindergarten. This first week of school has been a lot of reminiscing of my baby boys. 

One of the many moments I felt the most satisfied with my life while I was in the hospital with my second son, Kameron. I had a tough pregnancy with both my kids, but with Kameron was different. We were in a new city, Hubby was working all around the city in different locations and I had several false labor issues at 7-8 months and barely made it to 36wks. I was admitted twice at 36wks and later had been released. It was scary because both times my Husband was out of town.

Finally, my Dr induced me and after a rough 12 hours, our second baby boy came into the world. I thought felt complete with baby #1, but giving birth to baby #2 was just as satisfying. We had a bigger family, Konnor had a baby brother and my Husband now had TWO baby BOYS! 

 I have been blessed and fortunate to be a SAHM since I was 5 months pregnant with my first son. Everyday is a challenge, yet satisfying to know that I am raising my boys and getting to be a part of it everyday. I know someday I will return to the workforce, but for now, my Husband and I are happy with me raising our kids as a SAHM.

Care to share one of your most satisfying moments in your life?