30 Day Blog Challenge - Day6: Your Zodiac Sign

Day6: Your Zodiac Sign and if you think it fits your personality

I was never really been a big believer in my zodiac sign and horoscopes. When I was a teenager I used to think it was fun just to see what it read for the day, but I never went on to believe everything was true. Although when reading my zodiac traits, I am alot like my sign.  Actually, almost exactly like my zodiac sign! Kind of scary! I am a LEO, hear me roar! A Leo Woman is best described as ambitious and commanding. I do like being able to help and guide others. I also am capable of working in stressful situations, sometimes better than non-stressful situations. A Leo woman cannot be controlled or dominated. I am independent and proud. We are also known to be very mentally agile, and inability to work steadily for a long duration of hours. So true, I get bored in my jobs and have always needed more of a challenge after a few years. According to one website Leo women never fail to draw men's attention. Not to toot my own horn, but I did. Maybe not in a lustful, gawky way, but more so because I was down to earth and got along well with men more than girls. I was always "just one of the guys".  A Leo woman is kind at heart and takes initiative to those in need. 

All in all I am a lot like my sign although I do not let it run my life and I don't do things surrounded by the characteristics of my sign.

What's your sign? Are you like your sign?


  1. Your post is truly informative for me and i am so grateful to you for sharing this informative post here. really great job done by you.I am believer in zodiac signs and when you have the new updates i hope you will share it .


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