30 Day Blog Challenge - Day20: How important is education to you?

Day20: How important is education to you?

I believe in education, although I don't believe it's for everyone. Of course a high school degree is a must. Kids and teens should never take education for granted before hitting high school. High school students especially should always remember how important a high school diploma is and will help them start the rest of their life. College unfortunately is not for everyone. I've known many people to be very smart in the books, but not so street smart. I've also seen one too many times, people who have gone through many years of schooling and probably a lot of money to get through school and they later don't use their degree. 

My parents never pushed my siblings and I to go to college. I just did it on my own. Education is definitely important and will  get you great opportunities in life. Continuing your education (no matter your age) is something to always remember. If didn't read my previous  30 Day Blog Challenge Day 19, I wrote about my biggest regret. I continuously talk to my kids about how important it is to like school and enjoy it and learn all they can. One of their favorite and probably first understanding about "college" was a Blue's Clues episode Steve is going to college.  They know I've been taking college courses and I hope they understand that even as a busy Mommy, I can still make time for something I strongly believe in. 

For those Moms that are in my position, it's never too late. Having a positive look on life and a supportive family is very helpful in continuing and furthering your education. The best way to give your kids that push is to be the role model they will forever look up to.

Share your thoughts with me.