30 Day Blog Challenge - Day19: Your biggest regret in life

Day19: Your biggest regret in life

My biggest regret is plain and simple and probably very common among my peers and other Mommies. I regret not furthering my education before I had kids. I've been able to still attend school (online) here and there but I sure wish I would've been able to do all I could do before I decided to raise a family. What was I thinking? What ever made me think that it was just going to be a "break" from school? Thankfully I have a Husband who supports me in going back to school and taking classes whenever time permits. I've taken a classes, taken a break, and gone back. With two active boys and a hard working Husband, I find it difficult to stay enrolled, not to mention the price of education. These days, student loans are the death of me. Lucky me, I have a Husband who has decided to further his education while he has the assistance of his company to help pay for school as he pursues his eMBA. I'm fortunate to continue to stay at home and raise the kids. Hopefully someday soon, my kids will be in school full time and I can go back to school before going back to work.  

Are you or have you experienced putting your education aside to raise a family? Would love to hear your story in the comments below.


  1. I started back to school as soon as all the girls were in school full time. It is much easier that way, especially taking online courses when you need quiet. This will be my third year and I will finally be getting my associates degree. I wouldn't let the time it takes you to finish affect you. When it finally comes to an end, you will have that education you worked so hard for!

  2. Thanks for the great words of encouragement Heidi! I have 2 more years til my little one is in school full time. =( It's so hard not to kick myself in the butt everytime I think about school and how many years I've ...not "wasted" per say, but seen how many years have gone by (as well as classes). What screws me up is that I end up taking a break from school, then my program adds more classes and by the time I go back I get screwed in taking more classes. It has happened twice now.


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