30 Day Blog Challenge Day10: Your Guilty Pleasure(s)

Day10: Your Guilty Pleasure(s)

Everyone has enjoyable things they do in their lives. I have many. Let's just say I'm a SUCKER and have way too many things I 

Reality TV shows
Yes, that's right. Reality TV. I am a SUCKER for reality shows, everything from MTV's The Real World, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, 16&Pregnant, Bravo's The Real Housewives series, Bad Girls Club on Oxygen, Basketball Wives, The Kardashians and so much more. My Husband can't stand the reality tv shows I watch.  

I love all things sweets. Cupcakes have been popular in the last few years and I'm a total sucker for flavorful and unique cupcakes. I am not much a baker, my sister took that hobby. Although I don't bake I love visiting different cupcake shops. I love cupcakes that are different and one of a kind. Sprinkles, Nothing Bundt Cakes, BabyCakes and Cupcakes Squared some of my favorite cupcake places here in San Diego. If there are any cupcakes places you enjoy, let me know. I love trying others.

This guilty pleasure goes along with my cupcakes addiction. I love anything sweet. Ice cream, cake, candy, chocolate and cake pops. Yes, I know JUNK FOOD. It's so bad that recently many of my friends and family have started their own business in baking and I have access to yummy desserts a lot of the time. Hmm, no will power to say NO. No wonder I can't lose weight. 

Celebrity News & Gossip
Just like my obsession with reality tv shows, I also love watching and reading about celebrities. I don't buy the gossip magazines on a weekly or daily basis, but I love watching TMZ and Extra. I also love following my favorite celebrities on Twitter to get the 411. 

I wouldn't say coffee, but more so flavored coffee! I started drinking coffee after college. Weird that it wasn't during college. I love Starbucks, although I've been able to use it as a treat for myself rather than going everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. It used to be a special treat for me and a time when I didn't have to share. Nowadays, my kids have become interested in wanting a cream based frappacino or hot chocolate when I go to Starbucks. 

Rockstar Energy Drinks
This has been a recent obsession. I used to drink them occasionally, when I really needed a pick me up. But with all the new flavors of Rockstars that have come out lately I am always a sucker to try them and of course I get hooked. Honestly coffee doesn't do anything for me as far as "waking me up", but Rockstar or energy drinks in general really give me that kick! 

Those are just a few of my guilty pleasures. Do you want to share your guilty pleasures with me? Leave it in the comments below.