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Bieber Fever still his system.
On a recent trip to Toys R Us, Kameron and Konnor found a section that had JB everything.

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  1. oh, JB is HUGE at our house too! Both my girls want to marry him when they grow up!!!

  2. Oh these photos are simply awesome! I love that even the small ones love JB. :) I have a 14 year old who hasn't quite outgrown her love for him yet. haha
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  3. @Bern Oh how cute. Do they realize they will be fighting for his love from millions of other little ladies? LOL I expect it from girls, but my BOYS love him for his talent. Being that my son is into the same instruments as him, he's so inspired and idolizes him. I guess it's good that he's inspired by a celebrity of good character. Hopefully JB can stay on the straight path in his career.

  4. @Nikki Yup..whatever the older brother does...little one does too. But I love how they know everyone of his songs. I guess I don't blame the kids these days, I too had my celebrity crushes in my days and remember having every photo from magazines hanging on every spot of my wall. =)

  5. I Love these pictures!! My great niece loves Justin, too.


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