Vortex Professional Brushes Contest

Last week I blogged about the new Vortex Professional Brushes after seeing Makeup by RenRen's YT video. I was so excited to see new brushes. I immediately fell in love with the brushes. Though I'm not a professional makeup artist, I would love these brushes. I love the detail of the brushes and why RenRen designed those specific brushes. I think it's cute that it comes with a makeup artist brush belt, although I probably wouldn't use it much. Since I am not a makeup artist, it's nice to know that I can actually buy the Vortex Professional Makeup brushes without belt

There are many choices of cosmetic brushes but this one is different. I like the multipurpose use of most or all of these brushes. The brush set is not the typical brush set you see in other companies. The brushes in this set are unique. If you're familiar with Sedona lace you know that their products are high quality and will not disappoint you. My favorites of the set are: the fan brush, the synthetic blender brush and the brow spoolie duo.

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