The ultimate ipad for KIDS: The LeapPad

Do you have a little one that is always after your gadgets like your smartphone or ipad? I do! Both my kids always want to play, but I'm very hesitant knowing how much my gadgets are. Afterall, kids are not the most gentle with certain toys. Nowadays it seems that all kids (even some toddlers) are so advanced in their electronic toy skills. Give a child a smartphone and they can swipe through the screens like its their tinker toys. In my son's school, the Kindergarteners read via an ipod touch. Kids know how to work Smartphones, laptops and computers before you even allow them to know. 
Kids and their gadgets


Well look no further. LeapFrog is launching their newest product: LeapPad. The ultimate ipad for your little one. Your kids will feel special having his/her own tablet. The LeapPad has its own built in camera and is durable enough for your little one. It features apps to inspire creativity. The games make learning and reading fun.

The LeapPad launch will be available Monday, August 15, 2011.

I've been a loyal LeapFrog customer since having my first son. His favorites were the LeapFrog bus that helped his learn his ABCs as well as their songs. He later got the Leapster Explorer for Christmas and has brought it with him every he goes. It's a great little learner toy and educational. My younger one is also starting to love his Explorer and loves to feel like his older cousin who has a Nintendo DS. 

So if you're excited as my kids and I are...finally us parents won't have to fight over our electronic toys. 

Do you plan on buying this for your child?

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