Give your skin some TLC

Your body and face is of precious skin. I love when my skin looks clean, polished and glows. Exfoliating your face and body helps get rid of dead skin leaving it soft, clean and glowing from head to toe. Keeping your skin bright and improving the look of your skin will allow you to look healthy
If you want to learn how to exfoliate your skin follow these simple steps.
Click here for steps on how to exfoliate.
What you'll need:
  • Your favorite exfoliating scrub of your choice
  • Loofah sponge, body scrubbing brush and a pumice stone for your feet
  • Your favorite body lotion
Before getting into the shower it is often helpful to rub your body with a loofah or body scrubbing brush. This will help loosen the skin and prepare your skin for exfoliation. Using your favorite scrub and loofah sponge, exfoliate your skin and be sure to get all areas of your body. I like to clean and polish my face outside of the shower with my Cleansing & Polishing tool. Once you have exfoliated your body rinse with warm water, then with cold. Be sure to apply a moisturizing body lotion (and face lotion for the face). Knowing properly how to exfoliate your skin is important and can help your skin glow and look healthy.

One of my favorite scrubs, Coconut Papaya. Anything Coconut, Mango or tropical smelling is my scrub of choice. This scrub is regenerating and revitalizing. It includes cucumber extracts, ginger and papaya which together creates glowing, youthful skin!
My favorite skin polishing and exfoliating tool is a product called the Cleansing & Polishing tool by Sigma. I like to exfoliate and do a deep exfoliation at least once a week using a face mask after exfoliating my face. 

How do you care for your face and body?