A Day at the Races

It's the Del Mar Racing Season here in San Diego and it's all the buzz this time of year. We missed opening day this year but I was fortunate enough to go for my birthday. My Husband and I took the kids last year, though they weren't too interested in the racing. We went on Family Day and they were more interested in the face painting, party jumpers and pony rides.

This year, our dear friend Frank took us for a special day at the races...in the Turf Club! The Turf Club is for members only. Viewers are not allowed in unless properly dressed. It's fun to dress up and be a part of the "elite" as we watch the races. Now I am in no way an expert or horse race betting or anything. Heck, I'm not even a big fan of horses. I just enjoy the excitement and of course taking a chance with some betting in hopes of winning is always FUN!

The new thing this year is the Del Mar Track app for iphone and Android phones. This means, you can place your bets from the comfort of your seats. No waiting in line to place your bet. It was easy as 1-2-3 to start betting online. The app only worked while in the race track. There were strategically placed wi-fi signals around the track which allowed online betting. "Among the features are on-track mobile wagering, streaming of live races, race replays, Cybertote (real time results, odds, will pays, scratches, etc.), a betting calculator and a calendar of Del Mar events and concerts." How cool is that?? It saved us so much time as we didn't have to wait in line to place our bets and perhaps miss out on a race. It did get a bit "too easy" to bet and my Husband ended up getting a little out of hand with his betting. In any case, it was fun and very convenient for those who don't have to get up to wait in line. If you've been to a race, you know the lines can get pretty crowded. 

Happy Birthday to me
I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the foods we ate. But it was good! We had fried green beans with wasabi sauce, a bread and crackers basket, a bowl of campechana and fish tacos. We also had a few cocktails during dinner as we enjoyed the excitement of the races. The service around the entire Turf Club was awesome. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgable. 
Chillin' in the Turf Club section

Waiting for our drinks and dinner

First Race: We bet 2, 3, 1...unfortunately we didn't win.


Looking at horses on the paddock before the race

On the patio overlooking the paddock

#9 "Royal" The horse I needed to win for both myself and my friends James and Sara Royal
Unfortunately we didn't win "big" today. To be honest, I pick horses by their names. The more creative or clever the names, that is the one I pick! Unfortunately most of the horses I picked were the stubborn ones who didn't want to get into their respective gates to start the race. I knew from the start that was a bad sign. We were lucky to win $50 on our last race. But that just made us break even. We had fun celebrating my birthday together along with great friends. The food was great, prices were affordable and we had great entertainment. 

Are you a fan of Horse Racing? Have you been to the Del Mar Races before? What's your experience?