52 Week Me Challenge: Week 11

So I missed another week. Why can't I ever seem to get these end of the week posts in time? Perhaps since the Summer started I'm constantly finding things to do with the kids during the week? Then come Friday it's my Husband one day off (lucky if he gets Saturday off too). So I often run out of time with blogging by Thursday nights. But here I am a week late...but still working on the challenge!

While this week went by so quickly, I can't remember much that I did for MYSELF. My highlight of my week was my Day at the Races and with WEEZER on Saturday but the rest of the week was just relaxing at home, staying in our pjs til 3pm and getting chores done around the house. 

We stayed home most of the week. Did the usual, took the kids to the pool for a few hours. We went out one day this week and that was to dinner at Corvette's Diner, which I also blogged about. 

Last Friday we had my son's "end of season" tball party for dinner and a going away party for my Hubby's Best Friend. Kameron's last tball game was on Saturday morning, a double header mind you. So needless to say, Friday was busy and a long night. Saturday, we were up bright and early. As my son's tball season came to an end he looked at me and said, "Mommy, I'm sad because I won't see my friends anymore." It crushed me, having to later explain that's how life is sometimes and that he will definitely make new friends through the rest of his years.  Here are some photos of the end of season party. 

During the week we tried to stay indoors because it was hot out. My kids and I had spent many hours in the pool, getting tan and sun. So we decided to take a break....we only went to the pool ONCE this week! That's a record. LOL