Wordless Wednesday

Do kids these days read books or play board games anymore??

My kids and my nephews all playing some kind of electronic gadget. Whether it be a Leapster, MobiGo or a Nintendo DS....kids these days!?! It's all about electronic gadgets nowadays. 


  1. ha, electronics are big but my girls LOVE board games & books! It's all about what you encourage as well. THey love their Wii & leapster but I make playing a board games a big deal - we all join in the fun so they look forward to it too. Books are huge in our house & w/them learning to read they seek them out themselves during the day! :) What I like is that there are a lot of good games for the systems now that teach too - not just mindless playing! Makes me feel better, haha

  2. We encourage books and boardgames as well, but they tend to gravitate to the electronics. Although the games they do play on the Leapster or Wii are all the educational or active games. For Christmas and their birthdays (which are Dec/Feb) they got all books and boardgames. They got into this game called Family Game Night on TV which had all the original Hasbro games.So I bought them the different board games. Its fun. Gets our family involved. We hope to someday try out for the show! =)

  3. My kids couldn't live unless they were plugged in for at least an hour a day. I set limits- and it is the FIRST thing I take away if they are evil.

    They do love books and I set aside book time each day. ALthough I do have to admit that night time books during the summer get cut more often than I like due to a lot of summer activities!

    At least they are educational? Right!?


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