Guest Blogger: Feng Shui: A Way To Improve Your Happiness

Feng Shui: A Way To Improve Your Happiness
The concept of feng shui is based around the idea that there is energy inherent in every object and living thing within the universe. The principles of feng shui, which have been developed over thousands of years, aim to ensure that all of the elements which are present within a space are in balance. Any conflict within a living or working space could result in feelings of unhappiness, lethargy, and poor health.

If a person feels unhappy within their current living or working environment then they must establish the reasons for that unhappiness. In order to achieve this, it is important to carry out a complete audit of the property based on a knowledge of the principles of feng shui. In this way they will be able to discover any areas of disharmony, and from there to address them.

There are many areas within a home where disharmony could occur. One of the most common contributors to unhappiness is when there is mess or clutter within a living area. Feng shui practitioners believe that clutter raises stress levels by being visually unappealing, and by preventing easy movement for both people and the flow of energy. One important way to raise happiness levels is therefore to ensure that houses are clean and tidy.

In a similar way, the practises of feng shui state that objects which are broken or malfunctioning within a home can attract negative energy. It is therefore important to ensure that repairs are made to a property in a prompt fashion. This will prevent frustration building due to faults within a home, and will therefore allow inhabitants to be more content.

In addition to making repairs to a house, redecorating can also raise happiness levels. This may be because the building looks dilapidated, which can be very depressing for a home owner. It may also be necessary to change the color scheme of the house, as within feng shui certain colors are known to be much more positive than others. Each color has its own specific meaning, but certain colors such as pink and orange are known to promote happiness. By replacing colors such as gray and black with lighter alternatives it can create a relaxing and more peaceful atmosphere.

One very effective method of improving the atmosphere within a home or work space is to introduce living plants into the space. Plants with a lot of green foliage are believed by feng shui practitioners to be particularly beneficial. This is due to the fact that the color green is known to bring peace and harmony. Plants are known to attract positive energy, and are vital in introducing life and nature into a building. Plants will improve happiness by promoting good energy, by being nice to look at, and by the positive feelings generated by caring for them.

These are just some examples of the many feng shui practises which can be introduced into a home or work space in order to allow positive energy to flow through the building. These practises will also make a space more visually appealing. The result will be a lifting of the mood of anybody who spends a lot of time in those areas. Anybody who in unhappy in their home, therefore, can take the important step of using feng shui to increase their happiness levels.

BIO: Michael Schnippering is the founder of Feng Shui at Work. After more than 12 years of practice he is committed to the true art and science of Feng Shui. Comments? Questions? Ask us on Twitter @fengshuiatwork

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