Guest Blogger: Building up my courage for Busch Gardens

Guest post written by Joy Briar

Out of all the times that I've taken my kids to the county fair or amusement parks, I've always been scared of riding the big rides with them. The carousel was no problem for me, but I'm tired of having to stand by and watch my kids ride these rides. I've decided instead to start riding the rides with them. I thought that it would be a lot of fun to go to Busch Gardens this summer for our family vacation as a fun way to stop myself from being so scared.

I started planning our trip a few months ago and while I was doing that I saw the site CLEARwirelessinternet4G.COM. I browsed through it a little bit and after that I decided to sign up for one of the internet packages that I found on there for our home internet service. I've been wanting to change this for a while anyway.

Well, we'll see if I can really get over this and actually ride some of those great coasters that I've been reading about online.