Family Fun: Waterwold USA

While spending time with family in Northern California, my parents wanted to have all the Grandkids together for some fun in the sun. We spent the day at Waterworld in Concord, CA. My boys of course love waterparks. I will let the pictures show their fun!

All in all we all had fun. The weather was not too hot. This was my first time (since the park had opened). Prices for entry were reasonable. $29.99 for adults if you purchase online. $24.99 for kids 48" and under. 2 years old and under, FREE. $10 parking. The park itself was fine. I liked that there were two different kiddie play areas. There were family slides that parents could go on with their kids, or the kids who were not quite tall enough for the bigger slides. Plenty of Lifeguards although food choices were not too impressive. Typical hamburger, fries, pizza, chicken strips or chicken sandwiches. Nothing fancy, the usual Waterpark type of food. Unfortunately the simple menu options tasted bland. Prices weren't outrageous. Food service was ridiculously slow. Since my Husband is the Director of Culinary in a popular So Cal theme park, I've come to learn about good quality of food and service when it comes to different parks.

Overall this was for the kids and they enjoyed it. Why not? Fun in the sun, splish splashing all day? OF COURSE they were having FUN!