Wordless Wednesday: I'm a big kid now!

Kameron's first real ride

So excited he got to ride this time!

Just made it to the 40inch mark

I got to be the lucky one to ride with him
You might already know that we're frequent Seaworld visitors since my Husband works for them. In the Summer he tends to work long hours. We enjoy spending our Summer nights there, especially for the fireworks. Last week, Hubby had to work late so the kids and I ate dinner at Seaworld and had some fun. Of course the new Turtle Reef is their new attraction this year so the boys wanted to see that again. We were lucky to have gotten a sneak peek before it opened to the public last month. Click here for the post about the sneak peek). So we spent some time in the Turtle Reef and then the boys wanted to ride the new Riptide Rescue ride. Unfortunately my kids are not old enough to ride it together, so I had to ride it with Kameron. I used to be a thrill ride fanatic but after having kids, it seems my equilibrium can't handle it as well. After riding it with Kameron, I was going to ride it with Konnor but I was dizzy! Unfortunately Konnor will have to ride it another time. But for tonight it was a big deal for Kameron as it was his first time riding an "big boy" ride.

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  1. Yay! Woohoo! Did he love it? I haven't been to Seaworld in years & so want to go with the girls!! Last time we went was 3-4 yrs ago & they were babies!

    I was looking into going in August but it's so darn pricey, you guys are lucky to get to enjoy it regularly. What a wonderful perk! I didn't even know about Turtle Reef or the new ride - I want to see the dolphins :)

  2. Oh yes, he loved the ride. He kept screaming, "oh yeah this is awesome." While I on the other hand was trying to keep my composure. I had to let him believe Mommy could handle it. =) We hope to make it out to Orlando this September. Hubby goes once a year for a week. It might be tough this year since it will be Konnor's first "official" school year. Out here in CA, Costco sells annual passes for the price of a day pass (or something close to that). Yes, we are fortunate to enjoy it regularly. Perhaps that may be the reason why my kids love SW over the Zoo? I love Dolphins too!


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