Wordless Wednesday: Goodbye Pre-K...Hello Kindergarten!

I, oops HE survived EAK (Early Acceptance Kindergarten)
First Day of school

Last week of school

Second to last day - awards and songs
 WOW! I can't believe my baby boy is going into Kindergarten! He loves school and does great. We've registered for Kindergarten already and had orientation....we look forward to September!

Ok, I'll try NOT to cry tomorrow on his last day of school.

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  1. Time flies, doesn't it? Good luck on the not crying part! I got misty-eyed at my daughter's preschool graduation :)

  2. @Aleksandra It sure goes by quick. Woke up this morning feeling a sense of sadness. It reminds me of the feeling I felt graduating from middle school knowing some of my friends were going to different high schools. But now this is MY Baby (well, my oldest) leaving his friends and going to another school. He's just as sad.

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