Who doesn't love discounts??

With the economy the way it has been going, everyone is looking for ways to save dollars. Even before the economy took a plunge, I've always been somewhat frugal. I like discounts, coupons and rarely do I buy something at full price. These days there are many websites that offer ways to save on daily deals. Offers to eat, see and do at a discounted price always brings a smile to my face.

Are you a memeber of Groupon? I AM! And I love it! We've all heard or seen the emails or ads for discounts in your local area. They are great deals. The fun thing about Groupon is that it is local fun. You enter the city you are in and you'll get great deals daily up to 90% off. Sign up and receive daily deals from your local area sent straight to your email, Facebook or Twitter feed. You can even download an app to your Android or iPhone! How cool is that? I have it on my Android and I love it. You can purchase, manage and redeem Groupons from your mobile device!!

One of my favorite Groupon deals I have purchased was $20 for $40 at The Body Shop. If you didn't know, I love products from places like The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works. Another recent Groupon deal I took advantage of was for Bellus Academy of Beauty and Spa in Poway. Bellus Academy is a Cosmetolgy school that offers all types of services done by students. $40 for $100 worth of salon services is great! That's a 60% discount! I've also purchased some for flowers, manicures/pedicures and entertainment.

I love Groupon for the deals for salon services such as Spa's, mani/pedi's and especially massages! The trick is you must act quick for these deals. There's something for everyone. From teeth whitening, entertainment, meal deals, movies and so much more.

Have you taken part in any of the deals on Groupon, Living Social, Circle Buzz, Townhog or any other sites?