Passport to Fun: Germany

Today we took advantage of Michael's Summer event, Passport to Fun: Germany. The kids enjoyed Sweden the other day, so we decided to come back for a visit to Germany.
The kids Grandma (Hubby's Mom) is German, and originally from Germany. So when given the chance I like to help teach the kids as much as we know or can about different parts of the world, cultures and of course their own family heritage.
Today the boys learned how to make their own Loden hat as well as a cowbell. You can easily do these at home too.

What you need
Loden Hat
1. Begin with a square of green construction paper
2. Fold in half
3. Fold ends to a point at the folded side.
4. Slit end of open area only 1". This will allow you to flip them up to make hat shape.
5. Glue a feather into the open top of the hat side.

Showing me the cowbell they painted
Next visit will be Egypt, although the boys and I won't be able to make it. Following that will be Bahamas.