Family Talk Game Review and Giveaway!!!

During our recent road trip from San Diego, CA to Palm Springs, CA then on to Avondale, AZ and back we had a lot of time as a family to just "talk". Normally, the kids are watching a movie or using their travel activity books (Fun ways to occupy your kids), while Hubby is listening to music and I'm watching You Tube videos on my phone, texting or Tweeting. But this time I tried to get us all to TALK. We talked about things that were going to be happening in the next few days. Asking the kids what else they wanted to do on our trip...etc.

At a recent stop for breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants (Cracker Barrel) I came across FAMILY TALK. I was shocked that I had never seen this before. I thought it was so cute to have a bunch of questions and topics gathered into a portable deck of cards. Not that my kids don't ever have anything to say...but at least we can talk about sensible topics not Marvel Superheroes all the time!
Family Talk is a fun portable conversation game designed to keep today’s busy families connected. The game includes 100 conversation cards. Simply pick a card, ask the question and get a surprising and often hilarious glimpse into the hearts and minds of your family members. Diverse topics reveal surprising answers, even from hard-to-talk-to teens. The game’s ultra-portability allows families to play in the car, at the dinner table, on vacation or at a party! This fun family game is great as a travel game as well!
  • Fun, Portable conversation game to keep today's busy families connected
  • 100 question cards attached to round carabiner clip for use anywhere – at home, at a restaurant, in the car, on vacation
  • Questions that get the whole family talking – even hard-to-talk-to Teens!
  • Portable, thought provoking, fun!
  • Ages 3+
  • Great gift idea
  • Watch Family Talk Video
Family Talk comes from a company called Around the Table also a part of Continuum Games. They carry several different conversation games for all ages. It's great. In addition to some of the topics and questions in Family Talk, my kids and I came up with our own. Some were irrelevant, some we had to edit our own way, but we were talking! Read some of the convos we were having in our drive from Arizona to California....

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Kameron: "I want to be Iron Man"
Konnor: "A Rockstar. Then after I'm a Rockstar I want to work at Seaworld, then I want to work at Starbucks. Can I be more people Mommy?"

What was the best thing ever in your life that you did, that you would like to do again?
Kameron: "Playing tball"
Konnor: "Go to Legoland"

What is your greatest accomplishment in your life?
Kameron: "Playing tball" (His first activity on his own, so he's very proud)
Konnor: "Being 5"

If there was another family you could belong to, what family would it be?
Kameron: "Mommy, I don't want to go to another family"
Konnor: "I want to be the DAD"
(Apparently my kids didn't get this question)

Check out some of their other cards:

  • Family Talk (also available in Spanish)
  • Grandparents Talk
  • Teen Talk
  • Family Talk 2
  • Camp Talk
  • Buddy Talk (Also available in Spanish

This is a great idea for many families that travel a lot, spend time in the car or just need ways to break the ice and have great convos. I'm determined to use this while traveling and possibly on a daily basis. I can't wait to purchase some of their other sets. They also carry other products and games. Check out their site!

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