Wordless Wednesday

I've been organzing my files and photos on my external drives this week and I've come across many old photos of the boys as they were "babies". Though they'd be perfect for Wordless Wednesday.

Once upon a time...

...and now they can't sit or stand next to eachother without fighting, pushing or poking!


  1. Haha, you would have trouble believeing it but mine are like taht too a lot of the time even though they are girls! It's a sibling thing! My lil one drives her big sis mad! She is the poker, etc... lol!

    THanks for linking up & hope you can stop by weekly! Love seeing your pics!


  2. I guess you're right. I'm sure my siblings and I must've driven my Mom insane too.

    I will definitely try to stop by weekly! I love your blog and I love the things you talk about. I'm subscribed, so I get the emails! =) It's just a matter of finding time to comment on your blog. (and the many others I follow.)


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